KitchenAid Contour Silver Mini Artisan Stand Mixer Review

For 2016 KitchenAid has a new series of stand mixers, the Artisan Mini. It’s the smallest Kitchenaid Stand Mixer available, but has all the power of the next sized up Classic Mixer.

The smaller size makes this idea for space-challenged kitchens, like you might find in a small apartment or an older house.

Actually, no matter what size your kitchen, counter space is always at a premium, so having a smaller mixer that takes up less space but still does an awesome job is a fantastic bonus. It’s also lighter weight so if you want to pick it up and stash it in the cupboard, that’s possible too, and you shouldn’t get a hernia trying it!

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Silver Mixers Blend with Many Different Kitchen Decors

The Contour Silver version of the Artisan Mini Mixer is a great choice for people with stainless steel appliances in their kitchen. This stand mixer will blend right in!

Artisan Contour Silver Mini Mixer with Tilt Head

If you have a black and white color theme for your kitchen, the contour silver mini mixer is a good fit for that as well. In neutral colored kitchens, in bright colored kitchens… this Kitchenaid Mini Artisan will look nice on your counter no matter what your color scheme.
So if you like silver colored appliances, then this Contour Silver Mini Artisan is the Kitchenaid mixer for you!

Pros And Cons of the Contour Silver Mini Artisan Mixer

No mixer or any other small appliance is perfect, and this small KitchenAid mixer is no exception. There are several good features, and a few not so good.

Contour Silver KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer
The Good
  • 25% lighter and 20% smaller than the classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers
  • Quieter motor with same power as the KitchenAid Classic Mixers
  • Power Hub can use all of KitchenAid's multi-purpose hub attachments
  • Comes with beater, dough hook and wire whip.
The Bad
  • Not that much cheaper than bigger models
  • Can't do HUGE batches of mixtures at once
  • Company says not to wash wire whip in dishwasher

Besides those listed above, one other negative is the fact there isn’t a splash shield available at this time that will fit on the mixing bowls of the Mini Artisan. On the positive side, this is one of the few Artisan mini colors that has a package deal available with a mixing bowl that has a handle.

Different Mini Artisan Stand Mixer Packages

You can get different deals on the Contour Silver Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Mixer. Naturally, all of them include the mixer itself, but what bowl and beaters you get varies from bundle to bundle.

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Deal #1. Premium Bundle with Contour Silver mixer, bowl & Flex Beater.

For instance, the bundle shown in the review box up above comes with the Flex-Edge beater,  which sells for about $40 when sold separately. It also comes with the 3.5-Qt. Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl that does not have a handle.
Since this bundle comes the flexible edged beater, it does not include the flat beater, dough hook or wire whip.  So you get mixer, bowl and Flex Edge Beater.

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This is called a “premium” bundle because it has two extras that are different:

  1. The mixing bowl with a handle
  2. The specialty flex-edge beater.

So if you really want a bowl that has the handle, this is the package deal for you!

It’s okay if you still would like the dough hook or wire whip, or even the plain flat beater because you can always buy them separately.

Deal #2.  Silver Mini Mixer With Smooth Sided Bowl & 3 Beaters

The artisan mini mixer contour silver is a sleek looking mixer that fits in a smaller space.
Lastly, if you would like a bundle that includes the mixer, the 3.5-Qt. Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl (no handle), PLUS the flat beater, dough hook and wire whip, then this is the package deal for you. (Picture and buy button to the left of this text.)
Having all three styles of beaters gives you a wide variety of uses, from regular mixing tasks, to making bread dough and then the whip for making things like meringue or whipped cream.

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So it all depends on what you want most with your Contour silver mini mixer: a bowl with or without a handle? A flex-edge beater, or a set of 3 attachments: flat beater, dough hook and wire whip.
No matter which package deal you choose, you’ll get a great Kitchen Aid mixer that’s great for smaller kitchens, or if you just would like a lighter mixer to be able to move it around more easily. It’s got the reliability of the KitchenAid brand, a powerful motor, 10-speeds for mixing at the best speed for the job, and the ability to add other attachments to make this Artisan Mini even more versatile.
So if a silver mixer that looks good and does a good job is the right combo for you, get yours today!

Check out this video about the new Mini Artisan Mixers!

For a more extensive review of the Artisan Mini Stand Mixer, check out our review here.


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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Don’t see so many silver mixers, but this looks pretty classy. Can’t go wrong with kitchanaid either.

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