Copper KitchenAid Mixer Models Reviews

For an elegant look in your kitchen, consider a copper KitchenAid Mixer. At present this metallic color is available in three of the stand mixer models.

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in Antique Copper

One of these is the Antique Copper Artisan model. As you are probably aware, the Artisan Kitchenaid series is one of their most popular models.

KitchenAid antique copper artisan mixer with glass bowl. A metallic elegance for any kitchen counter.

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As you can see in the above picture, this Kitchenaid mixer copper color has a tilt head type of stand, allowing you to quickly move the head of the mixer up and away from the bowl.

The Artisan antique copper stand mixer comes with a 5-quart glass bowl that has measurement markings on the side in both cups and liters. There is a convenient pouring spout that makes it easy to guide batters out of the bowl.

It also comes with a burnished metal flat beater and dough hook. The beaters go around the bowl in a spiral motion, called the 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action. What that means is there are 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl. Than ensures that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, which after all is the whole point of using a mixer! And an antique copper KitchenAid Artisan mixer excels at this!

As with any KitchenAid mixer, no  matter what the color, this is one of the best stand mixers available. The antique copper metal construction is durable and rugged. It is made to last for years. The heavy construction also helps reduce mixer movement on your counters as well.

Of course, there is a trade-off. To be sturdy and able to handle big jobs, this copper stand mixer is on the heavy side coming in at 29 pounds, so you probably won’t want to be moving it in and out of a cupboard. But the sheer elegance of this copper mixer makes it a worthwhile addition to your kitchen counter top.

An antique copper Artisan mixer mixes beauty and functionality!

Step up to the KitchenAid Copper Pearl Professional 600

This 6-quart stand mixer is ready for some heavy-duty use!

Check out this picture of the copper kitchenaid pro mixer. The metallic sheen of copper and the silver bowl combined make a pretty picture indeed!

With that big bowl and the powerful motor, this Kitchenaid copper mixer can handle really thick, dense mixtures. The bowl is made of stainless steel, and has a handle that is easy and comfortable to use. In just one batch, with this big bowl and mixer you can make:

  • 13 dozen cookies,
  • 8 loaves of bread or
  • 8 pounds of mashed potatoes.

That’s some pretty big batches of stuff. No wonder it’s a pro mixer!

This lovely copper Pro Kitchenaid mixer ups the game on another front as well. The Artisan has a 59-point mixing action, whereas the Pro stand mixer has a 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action. As before, that means every time the beater rotates around the bowl, it touches the surface of the bowl in 67 places. It allows for a very thorough mixing action no matter how heavy the ingredients are.

Another difference with this mixer is instead of tilt head like the Artisan mixer, it has a bowl-lift design. In other words, instead of tilting the mixer head back, there is a lever that allows you to move the bowl up and down. This is what my mixer has, and personally I much prefer it. To me it just seems like a cleaner,easier way to get the beater up out of the bowl. But to each his own!

The Kitchenaid mixer copper pro also has more accessories with it, including the flat beater, dough hook, wire whip and a pouring shield. Note that this mixer also has an electronic speed sensor, auto shut-off and a Soft Start that minimizes splatter (but don’t forget to use the pouring shield anyway).

This stand mixer also comes in at 29 pounds, making it a very sturdy piece of equipment. You’ll likely want to leave it on the counter, but it’s a shame to hide such a beautiful kitchen appliance anyway.

Satin Copper Custom Metallic® Series KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This satin copper KitchenAid mixer would be a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

This pictures shows the satin copper Kitchenaid mixer trimmed in silver and with a silver bowl. Elegant!

This particular Kitchenaid copper mixer model has a 5-quart bowl made of stainless steel and sporting a comfortable handle to make it easy to pick it up and move it. You can pop the bowl into the dishwasher for easy clean up, so that’s good to know! I hate having to wash stuff by hand if I can avoid it. I mean, that’s what a dishwasher is for, right? 🙂

Note that this version of the copper Kitchenaid mixer also has a tilt-head design like the Artisan series has. It also has the e 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action, so it most ways it resembles the KitchenAid Artisan mixer. It’s the custom metallic finish that sets this custom copper metallic stand mixer apart.

While it’s a really snazzy looking mixer with that special satin copper finish, it also is the most expensive of the three mixers. If I were choosing from these 3 mixers, I’d go mid-range and get the pro mixer. It’s still got a pretty copper color, but it has a bigger bowl and better mixing action.

Still, any one of these three copper stand mixer models would be a lovely addition to your kitchen, and would do a good job. You just can’t go wrong with ANY KitchenAid stand mixer, so take your pick!

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