Purple KitchenAid Mixer Models Reviews

The color of purple is a great choice for a KitchenAid mixer! After all, purple is the color of royalty and aren’t you the Queen or King of the kitchen? There’s one thing sure and certain, KitchenAid is a royally great mixer and worthy to be one of your favored small appliances. With all the great reviews for these mixers, you can give yourself the royal treatment and buy the best of the best stand mixers!

KitchenAid Mixer Purple Style Makes the Kitchen Bright!

Here’s a lovely shade called the Raspberry Ice KitchenAid mixer.

Here is a picture of the raspberry ice kitchenaid mixer. This is an Artisan Design model.

It looks like a purple-pink mix to me, so it’s a nice blend between the two colors. This particular raspberry ice kitchenaid mixer is part of the Artisan Design series. At present, this color is only available in this one stand mixer model.

Like all Artisan stand mixers, it has a tilt-head design, but since it is one of the Design series, it comes with a 5-quart glass bowl instead of a metal bowl. Besides that, Artisan mixers have all the other great features found on all Kitchen Aid mixers like 10-speeds, planetary mixing action, and a hub to use to power up attachments.

The kitchenaid mixer – raspberry ice combination is a great look! It could be a really yummy color for an appliance sitting on your kitchen counter.

Boysenberry KitchenAid Mixer Models

Here’s another shade of purple Kitchenaid mixer for your consideration, This is a deeper shade with more of a tinge of deep red in it.

The kitchenaid boysenberry mixer, one of the popular Artisan models.

This mixer is also part of the 5-quart Artisan series with the stainless steel bowl. It has a tilt-head design, and can use the 15 optional attachments to add more versatility to the stand mixer function.

The kitchenaid boysenberry color is available as part of the Artisan series, but if you like this deep purplish-red color, it’s an all-round good choice for you then. These models are best sellers, so a lot of people like to use them. The Artisan model and KitchenAid brand have a solid reputation as being an excellent performing stand mixer.

There is a Boysenberry Pro mixer available. The mixing bowl holds 6-quarts. Please note that this link will take you to a REFURBISHED Boysenberry Pro. I couldn’t find new one on sale anywhere, but one thing about the refurbished models… they cost less and are supposed to be fixed up good as new!

Another Purple Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: The Plumberry KitchenAid Mixer

This KitcheanAid plumberry shade is available in at least 2 of the mixer models. It’s such a lovely deep purple, so it’s nice you have a choice of mixer models.

A picture of the Pro Kitchenaid plumberry shade mixer. The Artisan models also are available in Plumberry purple.The picture shown above is of the Kitchenaid Professional 600 Stand Mixer in Plumberry Purple, but it is also available in the Artisan design series with the glass bowl. (Regular Artisan mixers have a stainless steel bowl, but that’s about the only difference between the two types of Artisan models.)

Make your choice of the color plumberry in a mixer with either a 5-quart bowl (the Artisan), or with a 6-quart bowl (the Professional 600).

The Pro mixers have a lever to move the bowl up and down instead of using the tilt-head approach. It also has a 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action which means the beaters touch the sides of the bowl 67 time each time it goes around. That’s 8 more times than the Artisan, but of course it’s also a bigger bowl. At any rate, this rotation ensures that all ingredients get mixed up thoroughly.

So essentially, the Pro 600 has a 1-quart bigger bowl than the Artisan model, the beater goes around 8 more times per rotation, and the bowl goes up and down instead of the head tilting back.

Whichever model you choose, this dark shade of purple kitchenaid mixer would look stunning on your kitchen counter. It’s such a rich color, it definitely reeks of royalty, especially with that deep purple and silver combination. 🙂

It’s Really A Grape KitchenAid Mixer!

No shades of purple would be complete without including a grape color! And considering how many different colors the Artisan series has, it should be no surprise that it’s the one sporting the grape shade!

It is a grape kitchenaid mixer, artisan model shown here. Bright vibrant purple!

Since it’s part of the Artisan series, this stand mixer has a tilt back head, and as you can see in the picture, it has the stainless steel bowl with the clear pouring shield. This looks like crayon purple to me, so if it’s the basic purple you’re after, this would be the choice for you. It’s deep, rich and luscious looking.

It would definitely be a bright spot in your kitchen decor!

 The Lavender KitchenAid Mixer is the Cream of the Crop!

If you’d like a paler purple stand mixer, this Lavendar Cream shade is quite lovely. It’s an understated purple in a soothing pastel shade.

This picture shows a lavender cream kitchenaid mixer of the Artisan series. Pale shade of purple would look great in any kitchen.

It’s a pretty combination with the bright silver color of the stainless steel bowl and speed strip against that pale purple shade. And once again, with an Artisan mixer, it has a 5-quart stainless steel bowl, and you can use any of the 15 optional attachments (these are purchased separately, but the mixer does come with a flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whisk).

So let’s have a look at all the purple KitchenAid mixer colors side by side, just to make it easier for you to make a comparison.

5 Shades of Purple KitchenAid mixers compared side by side!

I’m partial to the color purple, so I’d be happy with anyone of those colors. Whatever shade of purple KitchenAid mixer you like best, you get the same great stand mixer when you buy a KitchenAid, so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

Go for the Kitchenaid mixer purple shade that appeals to you and enjoy a great kitchen appliance that will reward you by making your job easier in the kitchen and it looks fantastic in the bargain.


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  1. Hi There! That purple is really banging! I think I like the plumberry pro color and mixer best. You could get a lot done using that badass mixer.

  2. Wow did not know there were so many purple mixers. I love purple! Wish I could afford a mixer in every shade of purple. Might clutter up the kitchen a bit though. 🙂

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