Kitchenaid Mixer Pasta Attachments

If you want to increase the usefulness and value of your KitchenAid stand mixer, add a pasta attachment.


These sturdy additions to your Kitchenaid mixer will help you make yummy homemade pasta much easier than trying to do it by hand. You can buy stand-alone pasta makers, but most of those you have to crank by hand, and they take up precious space on your counter and in your cupboard.

With a Kitchenaid pasta maker, you can utilize the power hub on your mixer, making it much easier to get the pasta made than having to crank it by hand. It will save you a sore arm if you plan to make a lot of pasta! And of course, if it is easier to make the pasta, you are much  more likely to make some in the first place instead of dreading the idea.

kitchenaid pasta cutters

KitchenAid Pasta Roller and cutters set

Making your own pasta ensures you’ve got only the best ingredients in your food. You know what’s in that recipe, and you can choose only the most healthful varieties of ingredients so you know your family is getting not only the tastiest pasta, but the healthiest varieties as well. If you want to ensure you are getting the healthiest food available, making your own is probably the best way to do that.

You can read our reviews of the different pasta makers for KitchenAid HERE, and discover for yourself just how many different kinds there are. From noodles to ravioli to tube shapes, there is a pasta roller to get the job done!