KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer in Empire Red

Get a Pro 5 Kitchen Aid Mixer in Empire Red!

Get a sturdy mixer that will do BIG jobs in the kitchen like this Empire Red Pro. It will make your cooking and baking a whole lot easier.

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Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer


One of the reasons the Professional 5 Plus is so great is because it has a powerful 450-watt motor that delivers enough power to handle the heaviest mixtures. You can mix large batches or ingredients quite easily.

Instead of the head tilting back, this works easily with a special bowl lift model. There are brackets on the bowl that fit over support pins on the stand mixer, which is than lifted up by a handle on the right side of the mixer to lock the bowl in place while mixing. With this design you can easily handle heavy mixtures and large recipes.

A Pro Mixer Makes Kitchen Work Easier

You don’t have to wash the mixing bowl for this KitchenAid model by hand. Nope, the 5-quart polished stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe. Yay!

And it has an ergonomically designed handle that is contoured to fit the hand and makes lifting the bowl more comfortable.

The Planetary Mixing Action Makes Things Smooth!

As with all Kitchen Aid mixers, the Pro mixer features a unique mixing action: the beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins counter clockwise, moving the beater to 67 different points around the bowl.

Because of this distinctive mixing action, all of the ingredients are thoroughly blended, and it also eliminates the need to rotate the bowl to make that happen.


Mix it Fast or Mix It Slow

KitchenAid opts for ten speeds on all their mixers. The wide variety of speeds allows the user to select the right speed for every mixing job. You can use a very slow stir, or go up a the highest speed that especially good when whipping cream.

In addition, the Soft Start mixing feature helps prevent ingredient splash-out and “flour puff” at startup since it starts slow and gradually works up speed.

Choose the Right Beater

There are also different beaters for different jobs. The Pro mixers comes with a flat beater, dough hook, and professional wire whip add to the versatility of the mixer.

You’ll find you use the flat beater most, as it is the all-around good for most things kind of beater. The dough hook is obviously best suited for making bread doughs, and the wire whip allows you make things frothy and make things like whipped cream.

Other features include the “Overload Reset” that helps eliminate overheating of the motor.

There is also a hinged hub that flips up to allow easy installation of attachments and never leaves the mixer. (That’s a big improvement over the kind that just popped out and was easy to lose.)


You can get all kinds of optional attachments (sold separately) to make your mixer even more useful. From pasta makers to food grinders, food processors, citrus juicer and sausage stuffers, KitchenAid stand mixers can handle just about any job in the kitchen.

If you’d rather have a smaller mixer, you might give the Artisan Mini in Empire Red a try. It’s not as heavy and is all around a more compact mixer. Of course, that means the bowl isn’t as big so you can’t make such big batches of stuff in it, but for some people the smaller size is a plus!

Take a look at this video to discover all the things you can do with a KitchenAid mixer.

Oh, and if Empire Red isn’t the color for you, these mixers come in other colors as well, like:

  • Black
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Empire Red
  • Gloss Cinnamon
  • Imperial Black
  • Imperial Gray
  • Metallic
  • Silver Tangerine
  • White

That’s got a nice variety of colors to give you a choice you like and will fit in with the décor of your kitchen.

>>> You can find all kinds of colors by clicking HERE and going to this page at the KitchenAid shop.

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