Matt Moran’s Favorite Stand Mixer

Wonder what stand mixer Celebrity Chef Matt Moran just can’t live without?

pic of Chef Matt MoranThis chef stays busy with television shows like:

  • The Chopping Block
  • MasterChef of Australia, and
  • Paddock to Plate

… but he still enjoys cooking at home!

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And when he’s at home, he wants to use his favorite tools of the trade of course! I mean, if you want to enjoy your time cooking, you will use the best possible tools to get the job done, right?

Well, according to Robyn Willis of The Daily Telegraph, here’s the low-down on his kitchen preferences. . .

A Kitchen, Tools and Stand Mixer Fit for a Chef

It’s no surprise when he built his home he made a large kitchen that isn’t just another pretty room, but a well-functioning place to cook.

And it is also no surprise he filled it with appliances that work well, and make cooking a much easier task.

Many of the brands he favors might not be feasible for the average kitchen, like the Lacanche cooktop. It’s a French-made range with a price tag that starts at $6,000 for the smallest cooktop. That’s probably out of the price range for most home cooks. However, there is one appliance he uses that ought to be in every serious cook’s kitchen: yep, you guess it – a KitchenAid Mixer!

picture of copper kitchenaid pro mixer

Of course, he goes for one of the KitchenAid Pro Mixers. They have a more powerful 575-watt motor that can deal with big batches of batter!

They also come with all the following:

  • 6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl;
  • direct-drive transmission
  • Electronic speed sensor; auto shut-off; Soft Start minimizes splatter
  • Wire whip,
  • burnished flat beater,
  • spiral dough hook, and
  • pouring shield included.

No wonder a top chef like Matt Moran wants one in his kitchen! This is a seriously good mixer that will do just about any job you’d want to use a mixer for.

If you’d like one of these pro mixers in your kitchen, just hop on over to this page on Amazon, and find the size and color that is just right for you:

Read an overall review of KitchenAid Stand Mixers here!

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