Top 10 Stand Mixers For Gifts for 2018

Wondering what would be a good gift for a cook, baker, chef… someone who loves to create in the kitchen?

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A hard-working stand mixer is a wonderful offering!
Now, would you like to know what the top 10 best selling stand mixers are in 2018?

best selling mixers 2018

You can choose one for a wedding present, a birthday gift, a Christmas present… any time is a great time to give someone a well-made stand mixer!

Not surprisingly, KitchenAid mixers figure prominently on this list. In fact, while there are occasionally one or two other brands, most of the time people give a KitchenAid model when they are choosing a stand mixer as a present for someone.

It’s nice to give the best! And checking out what other people are buying gives you a great indication at what mixers are the best.

Below is a list showing the top ten best selling stand mixers, gleaned from information on Amazon, but you can go straight to the source and buy them from KitchenAid.

You can’t go wrong — These are all great choices for gifts.

#1. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Almond Cream

This mixer has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 9,000 reviews. It’s a powerhouse of a mixer with all kinds of attachments available. You can also get the Artisan mixer in

#2. KitchenAid KSM75SL Classic Plus 4.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Silver
This is another great mixer. It’s classic because this the type of mixer that made KitchenAid famous. It’s sturdy and gets the job done. At present it has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, with over 1,200 reviews. No wonder it’s one of the top 10 stand mixers for 2018!

#3. Dash Stand Mixer: 6 Speed Stand Mixer
Comes with 3 qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, Dough Hooks & Mixer Beaters. This is a cheap mixer, and probably one of the best sellers just because it IS cheap. At the time this post was updated, it was under $35. It only rates a little over 3 stars with Amazon reviewers however, with over 300 people writing reviews. If this mixer is for someone who wouldn’t use one much, it might be a good choice.

#4. KitchenAid 5 Qt. Artisan Series – Almond Cream (Certified Refurbished)
Yes, this is the same model mixer that was in the number one position, only it’s a refurbished model.

#5. KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, 6 Quart, Aqua Sky
For those who really take their mixing and baking seriously, the Pro mixer would be fantastic gift. It’s a highly rated mixer with almost 4,000 reviews over on Amazon.

#6. KitchenAid K45SSOB Mixer 4.5, 250watts, Onyx Black
Another top-rated Kitchen Aid stand mixer with a 4.6 out of 5 stars review rating on Amazon. It has over 1,600 reviews so a lot of people have bought it and a lot of people have loved it.

#7. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel
Another cheap mixer, under $40. Some people are on a budget or just not ready to invest in a good stand mixer. This has a lower rating of around 3.5 stars, reflecting the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

#8. KitchenAid KSM155GBAZ 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl – Azure Blue
The Artisan mixer is a very popular model of Kitchenaid stand mixer. With almost 1,000 ratings, it nets a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you want to buy a great mixer, this is another great choice!

#9. KitchenAid KSM7586PCA 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer Candy Apple Red
Another mixer for those foodies who are totally serious about food prep! With a 7-quart bowl, there’s room to mix up a lot at once! It’s rated over 4 stars, with almost 500 ratings. And it does come in other colors besides red.

#10. KitchenAid Professional 600 6 Qt Lift Bowl Stand Mixer (Certified Refurbished)
Refurbished mixer models are obviously cheaper than brand new stand mixers. This one rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, so even used, a popular model.

A quality mixer for someone who loves to cook or bake is a great gift idea no matter what the occasion. But it’s an especially nice wedding, Christmas, or even a birthday gift. With weddings it is a pretty safe bet because people are getting stuff for their house. But for someone who enjoys cooking, or just wants to get in and out of the kitchen fast, a stand mixer can be a great gift!

And this isn’t just limited to a gift for women. Lots of guys enjoy using a KitchenAid mixer to make magic in the kitchen!


You can find out more about different colors available for KitchenAid mixers by checking out this page HERE on available colors.

For the new KitchenAid mini mixers, a smaller Artisan model, check out the review here.

No matter which mixer you choose, any chef, professional or home cook is bound to appreciate the gift.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Stand Mixers For Gifts for 2018

  1. I’m looking for a mixer that the bowl will turn on it’s on as you are adding to it. I don’t know what I’m looking for as what it would say so I would know that is what I’m buying.

    • I think what you are talking about is a mixer with a rotating bowl… while the mixer is running the bowl turns around. One model that works that way is the Sunbeam Heritage mixers seen by CLICKING HERE. I think Walmart carries these mixers, plus Best Buy and Kohl’s.

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