Top 10 Stand Mixers For Gifts for 2019

Wondering what would be a good gift for a cook, baker, chef… someone who loves to create in the kitchen?

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A hard-working stand mixer is a wonderful offering!
Now, would you like to know what the top 10 best selling stand mixers are in 2019?
10 best selling stand mixers in 2019

You can choose one for a wedding present, a birthday gift, a Christmas present… any time is a great time to give someone a well-made stand mixer!

Not surprisingly, KitchenAid mixers figure prominently on this list. In fact, while there are occasionally one or two other brands, most of the time people give a KitchenAid model when they are choosing a stand mixer as a present for someone.

It’s nice to give the best! And checking out what other people are buying gives you a great indication at what mixers are the best.

Below is a list showing the top ten best selling stand mixers, gleaned from information on Amazon, but you can go straight to the source and buy them from KitchenAid.

You can’t go wrong — These are all great choices for gifts.

#1. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Almond Cream

This mixer was at the top of the best selling list in 2018, and it’s still here in 2019. It has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon with over 8,600 reviews. It’s a powerhouse of a mixer with all kinds of attachments available. You can also get the Artisan mixer in 46 different color options on the KitchenAid website on this page: KitchenAid Almond Cream Artisan

#2. KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Professional Stand Mixer

More and more people are going to the pro model mixers. If you love cooking, or the person you want to buy this for loves it, the pro model has lots of power and a bigger bowl to allow making bigger batches of goodies. At present it has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. You can get it directly from KitchenAid by clicking HERE. If you’re not keen on black, there are 21 other colors to choose from as well.

#3. Dash Stand Mixer: 6 Speed Stand Mixer
This model was #3 on the 2018 list, so is holding pretty steady as 3rd most popular stand mixer. Which is actually kind of odd since it only has a 3.6 rating out of the possible 5, with almost 800 people writing reviews. However, this is a cheap mixer, and probably one of the best sellers just because it IS cheap. At the time this post was updated, it was under $35. If this mixer is for someone who wouldn’t use one much, it might be a good choice.

#4. KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
This is just what it says, the classic KitchenAid mixer that started it all. It has a little smaller bowl, and the motor isn’t as powerful as newer models, but it will still get the job done! If you’d like an excellent mixer but don’t need to make big batches of stuff, the classic might be the right size. But don’t be fooled, it’s not tiny. The bowl is still big enough to hold dough for 6 dozen cookies, 3 loaves of bread of 6 pounds of mashed potatoes. And it has a 4.7 star rating out of 5 with over 1,800 ratings. If you’d like one of these sturdy mixers, click HERE to go to the KitchenAid page.

#5. KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
This is a little more powerful version of the regular Kitchen Aid Classic mixer. The classic has a 250 watt motor, and this Plus model has a 275 watt motor. Also, the mixer in the #5 spot on the best sellers list is silver, although it is also available in white. Oh, and like all KitchenAid mixers, there are 10 optional hub powered attachments available, from food grinders to pasta makers and more. You can get one directly from KitchenAid by clicking HERE.

#6. KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
The pro series is a great choice for the serious cook and baker. Blue metallic is on the list, but this mixer comes in several different colors, including the pearl metallic color shown here. The bowl has the capacity to hold dough for up to 13 dozen cookies in a single batch. It has 10 speeds to thoroughly mix, knead and whip ingredients quickly and easily. If this looks like the right mixer for you, check it out by clicking HERE and see what you think.

#7. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel
Another cheap mixer, under $40. Some people are on a budget or just not ready to invest in a good stand mixer. Or maybe they just don’t cook much. This is really just a hand mixer with a stand. In other words, you can use it as a hand mixer, or put it in this stand and you don’t have to keep a hold of it. This has a lower rating of around 3.7 stars, reflecting the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

#8. KitchenAid Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, White
Here’s the Classic Plus series on the top ten list again, this time in white. It comes with the 4.5-Qt. stainless steel bowl; has a direct drive transmission with 10-speed settings and a soft start option. Includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, and wire whip, 1-year warranty. And of course you can buy lots of optional attachments to use with the hub if you have use for them. This is another great mixer option which you can see by clicking HERE.

#9. Aucma Stand Mixer
This mixer has a 6.5-QT bowl, and a 660W 6-Speed motor. It has the popular tilt-head style. This stand mixer comes with a dough hook, wire whip & beater. The one on this top ten list is black, but it also comes in 4 other colors (red, blue, champagne and silver) It’s one of the few non-KitchenAid mixers with ratings.

#10. Cuisinart SM-50CGR 5.5 – Quart Stand Mixer
Rounding out the top ten list is a stand mixer from Cuisinart in light gray. It comes with a whisk, dough hook, and flat mixing paddle, and a splash guard with a pour spout.

A quality mixer for someone who loves to cook or bake is a great gift idea no matter what the occasion. But it’s an especially nice wedding, Christmas, or even a birthday gift. With weddings it is a pretty safe bet because people are getting stuff for their house. But for someone who enjoys cooking, or just wants to get in and out of the kitchen fast, a stand mixer can be a great gift!

And this isn’t just limited to a gift for women. Lots of guys enjoy using a KitchenAid mixer to make magic in the kitchen!


Top 10 Stand Mixers for 2019

You can find out more about different colors available for KitchenAid mixers by checking out this page HERE on available colors.

For the new KitchenAid mini mixers, a smaller Artisan model, check out the review here.

No matter which mixer you choose, any chef, professional or home cook is bound to appreciate the gift.

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  1. I’m looking for a mixer that the bowl will turn on it’s on as you are adding to it. I don’t know what I’m looking for as what it would say so I would know that is what I’m buying.

    • I think what you are talking about is a mixer with a rotating bowl… while the mixer is running the bowl turns around. One model that works that way is the Sunbeam Heritage mixers seen by CLICKING HERE. I think Walmart carries these mixers, plus Best Buy and Kohl’s.

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